Icing World - Beautiful cakes made to order or all you need to make your own.
We offer sponge with jam and buttercream as standard - that's very popular. 
Just as delicious is our chocolate cake with double chocolate fudge filling. 

If that's not enough, we also offer a moist carrot cake crammed with fruit and spices and yes - carrots!, filled with vanilla frosting, a lemon cake with vanilla frosting and lemon curd filling, a red velvet cake with vanilla frosting and of course we offer a beautiful rich fruit cake covered with top quality marzipan and icing. 

We also specialise in egg free and gluten free cakes.

Feel free to browse through a few of our past cake designs in the following pages. If you like any you can order by phone or in person. We are by no means restricted to the cakes on display here and we will cater to your specifications; you choose the size, shape, colour and design and we will create a cake custom made for you.
If you'd prefer to create your own cake, we have everything you could possibly need. Our helpful staff will be available to give you advice as to what you will need and many useful tips to help you produce top quality cakes.